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“How do you begin to describe them? They transcend friendship, and oftentimes are more loved than family. They are your truest neighbors. You open your home to them, you freely share your feelings, and you entrust your life moments with them. They’re deeply kind people who will happily leave whatever they’re doing to go and help you, anytime, anywhere.

As someone who loves to create work that makes people smile, Who’s My Neighbor? is a project with a mission to celebrate people who exemplify the love and care of a truly wonderful neighbor. We are telling the stories of two people who share a special bond, regardless of how far apart they live or how different they are. One thing remains the same: They’re always there for you!

For this project, we need your help. Do you have someone in your life who we can celebrate here together? Maybe you know two people who do? Please help me find these incredible people and their stories by submitting your own story through the form on this page or by sharing this page with your friends.”

— Hunter Freeman

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Teri + Ray

“While it DOES take a village, it also takes the neighbors.”

Ray + Jennifer

“A good neighbor is someone you can count on — for advice, support, mutual aid, whatever!”

Anca + Tim

“I don’t believe someone has to be friendly or inviting to be a good neighbor.”

Estevan + Heinz

“We created an understanding that we’re in this together. That has to be the best neighbor ever to have!”

Dee + Henny

“Being a neighbor means caring for your community.”

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